2012/06/30 ---------- House Fire
Revere Ave. - Tour 3
2012/10/01---------- House Fire
Prescott Road - Tour 4
With today's technology we are proud to get an opportunity to share the experiences of our Firefighters with the layperson. The following video clip was shot by "Rescue Squad 4's" company officer, Lieutenant Schmitberg, at a resent house fire involving the attic area. The good Lieutenant captured this video with a new, stat of the art "Thermal Imaging Camera" capable of capturing video and sound. The following four clips have be doctored to slow down the action to facilitate a unique opportunity to view clearly, what only is experienced by a few brave individuals .
2012/10/01---------- House Fire
Prescott Road - Tour 4
Thermal Imaging CameraVideo
You have to remember that the house on the second floor and attic area was filled with heavy smoke that cut visibility for our firefighter down to "zero".
The "TIC" (Thermal Imaging Camera) works by rendering inferred radiation into light…..thus the operator can see through smoke as thou he where outside in the fresh air, but the Firefighter on the attack hose line can only see an orange glow through the smoke and no structural components. The officer with the TIC becomes the eyes for the Firefighter playing the water onto the fire, now both work as a team to extinguish the blaze.
2011/05/20 ---------- House Fire
Russell St - Tour 3
Rt. 78 W/B @ the G.S.P.Tanker Fire.......
Tour 4
Photos & Video Courtesy of U.F.D
apt. Paul McClung