"Pumping OutThe of the Holland Tunnel"
2012/11/04 - 2012-11/05

Union Firefighters (Locals 46 & 246) along with the Elizabeth Fire Departments from Union County, the Morris County (NJ) Coordinator with his members, the Jersey City and Bayonne Fire Departments worked together in the pumping of storm water out of the Holland Tunnels "Make-Up Air" ventilation systems after Super Storm Sandy ravaged the Metropolitan Area. Union FD members spent a total of 29 hours at this job.

Union and Morris Counties supplied two "Neptune" (water delivery systems) hose wagons carrying , large diameter hose (LDH) (12 inch hose) and manifolds to facilitate moving large volumes of water. Union County laid out 2300 feet of LDH and Morris County put 2100 feet of hose on the roadway for a total of 4400 feet.

Several engines (one from Union, one from Bayonne and two from Jersey City) drafted through manholes and through large holes bored directly into the actual roadway to access the ventilation plenum.

Fresh air is brought into the tunnel through ventilation shafts located at either end of the tunnel, one in New York and one in New Jersey. These shafts feed air into the tunnel by way of an air plenum that runs directly beneath each traffic lane which in turn, drives fresh air into the tunnel through grates located at the curb area of the roadway.

Before the tunnel could be opened, allowing the tens of thousands of vehicles that traveling back and forth to New Jersey and Manhattan every day, the ventilation system required to be evacuated of water.
Not long after this operation the tunnel reopened.
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Photos & Video courtesy of :
John Holmes, UFD Mechanic
Captain Greg Ricciardi and
Captain Michael Scanio