October 24th, 1930
Tuscan Dariy Barn Fire
on Union Avenue
Hundreds of Milk Cows
Perished in this fire

Photo's From Long Ago
Old Fire Prevention
Union's Antique 1928 Engine
Then & Now

The "Wills Collection"
the following slide show photos date from the early 1980's to the late 1990's.
the photos represent images from past firehouse endeavors, to retirement parties, and those fun filled annual fishing trips.
some of our brothers are no longer with us.
enjoy the memories
these photos are courtesy of jimmy wills, captain (ret.)
A Home Video from
The following short film clips are excerpts of a video recently found by Union's TV 34 staff who digitally mastered the film from Union's 140th Anniversary back in 1948.

In the first clip you will see several pieces of fire apparatus in the parade route, the fifth piece of apparatus is a Fire Engine that was recently refurbished by the late Stewart Kean and placed in the Liberty Hall Museum at the Kean Estates on Morris Avenue in Union.
Treat yourself; take a tour of the museum and visit Union's 1928 antique Fire Engine.
It seems as though the clever anecdote of the
Dalmatian named "Skip" found in
"A Home Video from 1948"
( seen here)
has been misconstrued by many as fact, when in reality it is nothing more than a respectfully intended fabricated story of one of Union's most valued Fire Fighting leader.

But on the other hand...
to the author of this story
(the Webmaster)
it still seems plausible!
(How did they ever live without
Electric-Automatic Overhead Garage Door Openers?)
If you are having problems with this slideshow as far as stopping & starting it is a buffering problem.
The show will automatically start as the page opens??.simply place the show on pause for 30-40 second and then press play again......... It should play fine after that.
historical photos courtesy of:
Firefighter Richard Fretz
dating back several decades
The Fire Department that protects
The Township of Union
The "Loveless Collection"
the following slideshow photos date from the early 1980's
of Tour # 3
these photos are courtesy of irv loveless, firefighter (ret.)