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POSTED : 2011/02/23
An editorial from Local 46 President Ed Donnelly regarding a communique' from Gubernatorial Candidate Christi

* What has this Governor done so far for the safety of our citizens....Less firefighters and police officers on the streets.

* What has this Governor done to protect the benefits of police officers and firefighters....Continues not to fund our pensions. Continues his bullying tactics in reducing aid to municipalities. Consistently undermines our collective bargaining rights. Insists are medical benefits are a BURDEN to taxpayers. We believe our Contract is simple.... We get sick while we protect the citizens of NJ.... care for us while we serve, and after while we suffer. We give our lives for the citizens of for our families in our absence.

*This Governor refuses to come to the table with firefighters or police officers to discuss the fiscal uncertainties of NJ. Would it not be prudent to discuss real reform with the men and woman who are affected by the changes this Governor wants to make?

*The price each citizen pays for the service we provide usually equates to less than a cup of coffee a day.

* As of today, I am not aware of any household that has seen a reduction in taxes to make NJ "more affordable"

Eddie Donnelly
member NJFMBA legislative and labor committees

Now please read the letter below from then Gubernatorial Candidate Chris Christie
to the Firefighters of NJ prior to the election.
October 2009,

"As one of New Jersey's bravest, you put your life on the line each and every day to protect your community. Every New Jerseyan owes you a debt of gratitude for your commitment and sacrifice. You deserve a governor who will stand with you no matter what, and ensure you have the tools and resources to do your job.

Recently, you may have heard rumors about my position regarding firefighter pensions and health benefits. These claims are a blatant attempt to swing your vote to Governor Corzine. The notion that I would eliminate, change, or alter your pension is not only a lie, but cannot be further from the truth. Your pension and benefits will be protected when I am elected Governor.

I spent the last seven years in law enforcement as the US Attorney for New Jersey. I worked day in and day out with the men and women on the front lines who dedicate themselves to keeping families and communities safe. No one respects what you do more than I do and no one will stand up for you more than I will.

The safety of our citizens is the governor's number one priority, which is why I can say that will be my number one priority. I will make sure that you have the resources and the training you need to effectively do your job. Do not believe the lies Governor Corzine is spreading. They are a disgraceful attempt to scare and intimidate you, and they do every New Jerseyan a disservice. While I have put forward proposals to cut taxes and cut spending so we can bring change to New Jersey to make it more affordable for families, I have repeated time and time again that the pension agreement made with our firefighters must be respected. It is a sacred trust.

Nothing will change for the pensions of current firefighters, future firefighters or retirees in a Christie Administration. I respectfully ask for your vote this November 3rd. If you choose to vote for another candidate, I hope you will do so based on the facts and their vision for the future, not because of misinformation spread by my opponent. Thank you for your consideration and for your service".
POSTED : 2010/10/27
Navigating the political field became even more difficult Monday after the Assembly Democrats failed to move along a bill that would of excluded our salaries from a hard cap. Democrat Joe Di Vincenzo from Essex county all but killed the bill before the House speaker tabled it when she knew she had a problem passing it. The bill was expected to be vetoed by the Governor, however it was meant to show the Governor the Democrats are the majority in the Senate and the Assembly and can unite. So much for that, its very apparent the Dems are splintered.

It does not matter which party you belong to. It does not matter where you stand, conservative, liberal or in the middle. It does not matter who you voted for this past election. The Governor and all of those who support him and his Agenda, are poised to get what they want and impose severe changes to all of the things we hold dear, Our Health and Safety, Benefits, Salaries, and Arbitration are in the cross hairs and it looks more and more like these are going to change.

Be careful who you vote for on election day and make sure they have for interest in mind before you cast a vote for them.

Thomas J. Holder
President FSOA 15
FMBA Local 246
877-295-7936 Fax
posted 2010/09/22
"The following "Letter to the Editor" was posted by FMBA Local president
Ed Donnelly to several local and state news papers on September 16th"
Published: Thursday, September 16, 2010, 3:11 PM Updated: Thursday, September 16, 2010, 3:13 PM

To the Editor:

After a day spent participating in numerous 9-11 memorials around the state, I wonder "How did it happen?"
Nine years ago when our nation was attacked and the fire service suffered its most devastating loss in history, I vividly remember the concern and heartfelt support from so many people across New Jersey for their firefighters. It seems, today, we have lost the respect and support of the citizens we protect. Over the past eight or so months firefighters have been faced with the worst attack I have seen in my tenure as a firefighter. It has become a situation were we are being confronted by our neighbors who have lost sight of the men and women we truly are. How different are we today as we were in the past?
We are the same people you have always trusted with your families in times of need. We are the same people you have always relied on times of need. We are the same people who always stand ready to help in preserving life and protecting property. It is such a travesty that we are being pitted against the very people we protect.
It has become this governor's agenda to use the media and an unsettled economy to change the perception of the fire service and its members. I am not writing to debate the benefits I receive, nor the salary I make for the career I chose. I am writing to ask you to think about the men and women at your local fire stations who have never turned their back on protecting you. Simply put, we are, and always have been your domestic protectors. Regardless of the perception many of you have today, we continue to stand ready to serve and protect the citizens of our communities. Think about that.... We could never meet every person in our districts. We would never pick and choose who we protect or when to protect them. I can assure you though, when the bell goes off, we will be there. That remains true for every person, any time, any day.
I am not writing this to look for a pat on the back for myself or any other firefighter. I am not using September 11, or any of the lives lost that day to try and gain anything. I feel it is time we start regaining our relationship with the people of New Jersey. It is time the people know, firefighters should not be the target of a misguided attack from this governor. I would encourage you to stop by your local firehouse and speak to the firefighters on duty. It is always nice to hear from the people in our communities. If you feel these are the same men and women who have always been there, and continue to be there for you, let them know it.

Eddie Donnelly
" Firefighters are not the enemy"
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With the current political climate and public sentiment towards public employees, specifically public safety, it can be uncomfortable engaging in a conversation with friends and family members about your career. I have and I am sure many of you have had heated discussions with friends and family. Attached is a sort of myth buster document from the NJFMBA that gives you facts and talking points for these discussions. Please read this, memorize it and get the real facts out there.


Thomas J. Holder
President FSOA 15
FMBA Local 246
877-295-7936 Fax
Are New Jersey Public Employee's Overpaid?
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"State FMBA Home Page"