Celebrating the Retirements of
Battalion Chief Nicholas Gianas
Captain Michael Granahan
Captain Louis Magliaro
Lieutenant Kenneth Hoffman
Lieutenant Jeffrey McGrath
Lieutenant Richard Watson

Celebrating the Retirements of
Deputy Chief James Davitt
Captain Steven Zahodnick
Kevin Clark, Robert Brower,
and Henry Milkewicz
& James Tobin our Hydrant Repair
Celebrating the Retirements of
Battalion Chief Crieg Bierbaum
Captain Arthur Genova
Captain Daniel Compofelice
Celebrating the Retirements of
Captain William Votapek
Thomas Cooney
Raymond Kuntz
Celebrating the Retirements of
Battalion Chief Vincent Amato
Randall Poole
Matthew Skierski
Office Staff Members
Mrs. Anne O'Brian & Shelia Thompson
The FMBA sponsored a retirement party for the longest standing chief of the Union Fire Department and the most SENIOR township employee, Chief Frederic "Skip" Fretz on October the 10th 2014.

Dignitaries from Family & Friends, to Unions Firefighters, to representatives of neighboring Fire Departments,
to the Township Committee,
to County Freeholders,
to State Representatives and the
Super Attendant of the Nation Fire Academy,
Dr. Dennis O'Neil.

All gave testimony and thanks to the long and outstanding career of 43 years of service to Chief Fretz.
The chief also received many keepsake gifts that reflected respect and admiration of his devotion to the Township and to the State of New Jersey.
All in all a great night!

Thank you for your Professionalism and Leadership
Chief..................Locals 46 & 246